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Diamond Custom Flooring

Provide installation of ceramic,marble,slate,hardwood and laminates,vinyl and carpet for both residential and commercial customers.

Business listed since Sunday, August 20, 2006


1075 Union St. Suite#3
Kitchener, On., N2H 6J8

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Diamond Custom Flooring

1075 union st. suite#3 kitchener Provide installation of ceramic,marble,slate,hardwood and laminates,vinyl and carpet for both residential and commercial ...

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    Negative Review on Diamond Custom Flooring

    The most unreliable, unprofessional contractor I have ever dealt with. I have been renovating my house for almost two years and in all of my experience in working with contractors, I have never encountered anyone as unreliable and dishonest as Jeff Ames. He had done some finishing work on an already tiled backsplash. After asking him to do our baseboard, and agreeing to his quotation,I gave him the money needed for material costs in good faith that he would come back, do the work and then get paid for his labour costs. He took the money for the materials and we decided on a date for him to come and do the work. He emailed me the day of and said he couldn't make it. I have not heard from him since. He is not answering my calls or responding to my emails. [read full review]

    by Courtney posted on Monday, March 11, 2013

    Terrible quality of install and does not adhere to timelines that they set.

    Filed against :
    Diamond Custom Flooring
    82 Brent Wood Ave
    Kitchener ON N2H 2C8

    Complaint Description:
    Jeff Ames arrived onsite and confirmed the scope of the project. He started and did not complete the work in 1.5 days and caused serious damage. In search of a contractor to complete a project for me, which includes removing carpet and vinyl and baseboard trim, and installation of 540sq ft of hardwood and 300sq ft of tiles. I issued out a project scope for contractors to bid against. Jeff came back with a resonable quote and I called him to come onsite to firm up. He showed up and reviewed and found a few extra things that he felt was necessary to do to complete the install. This included 2 steps that required hardwood and capping, and lifting up the toilet and sink to lay tiles. He confirmed that $2400.00 complete with install materials ($450.00) would be the final cost (up from the intial quote of $2000.00) He asked for cash for the materials, and I said I would bill it to my credit card. He said that he could not do that, and I said to have his supplier contact me and I will bill the materials to my CC over the phone. He seemed reluctant, but I said that is the only way I would proceed. He said he would need a toilet gasket and the trim for the staircase, as well would need me to buy some new baseboard trim for those that may break when removed. He said that it would be good that the kids are not home, so I booked them to leave Saturday morning and come back Sunday night. This would give Jeff and his team the 1.5 days to complete the job with no one in their way. 11.17.13 Jeff, Keith and a helper showed up at 8am and started work. Throughout this day, they had to move furniture and appliance and with that said Jeff moved my fridge (by rolling it over the hardwood he just installed) and scratched $400.00 worth of Hardwood. He ripped it all out and replaced it with new hardwood, but now I am short 3 boxes (huge issue, as Home Depot did not have any more stock) I said we would have to deal with this. I offered to pick up another color to do a border, and we would work out the cost. He said sure, we can talk about it. I left the house for an hour and when I arrived back home, they were not anywhere close to being on the timeline they set. They left the home in a mess, and the garage and took off; without even calling to let me know they were leaving. 11.18.13 Jeff, Keith and a helper arrived at 8am. There were a few areas in the kitchen to still tile, finishing the dining room in hardwood and the front foyer and washroom. I was skeptical they could complete, as the kitchen has 95% of the tile laid, and the office was complete the day before. Keith said he was leaving at 10am so he would do whatever he could. Since he is the tile guy, I was worried that this project would be prolonged. Keith left and at the point, Jeff was finished laying the hardwood in the Dining Room. He then rushed to complete the front foyer and washroom. I left the house as he was complaining about the job, but this was a job he quoted on and knew what needed to be completed. He texted me saying he wanted the money today. I replied back that we could discuss when I get home. Since $650.00 was charged to my cc. I owed him $1750.00 at the completion of the job. When I arrived home he said that it was my request to pay at the end, and I said no, that he assured me the job would be completed satisfactorily and that I would pay the labor at the end of the job. I gave him $800.00 as I wanted things to move forward. He said he would be back 11.19.13 at 4pm to complete the grout and hardwood in the living room. I said that is going into a third day and that he still needs to complete the trim and fix all the issues. He said, 'oh well - that is just how it is' I worked form home on 11.19.13 and texted him to let him know that he could come by earlier if he could. He did not reply for awhile then said he would be there at 4pm. He did not show up and I called his cell, home and texted him and could not get ahold of him. He never responded. I then called him the next morning and still had no reply. I then said that since due to the following issue, I would have to move forward with another contractor.

    Your Desired Resolution:
    , I would have to move forward with another contractor to get my house put back together again. I emphasized the issues and that he did not show up Monday as scheduled and did not call etc... he replied back stating that I should move on with another contractor. He would not focus on the primary issues, and when asked, never responded to why he did not show on Monday. He also never offered to come another day. Issues: Not completing the job in 1.5 days as quoted Not showing up on day 3 as scheduled Damage to 3 boxes of hardwood Damage to other areas of the floor (dropped nail gun near stairs, denting the floor), several other nicks and scrapes from poor install Leaving my house very dusty and in a mess. Leaving the garage in a mess, also smelling like smoke (cigarettes) Several scratches on the walls and nicks. Leaving trim under a water tap in the garage, where they used the water for mixing cement etc... and it was left to leak on the trim. 6 tiles not leveled, needs to be picked up and replaced Overall damage estimate: $700.00 (hardwood / trim / tile fix / paint & wall repair) As I paid the $650.00 for materials and $800.00 cash, they have not shown back up and after several text messages back and forth, finding Jeff to just be very unprofessional and wasting my time, I booked another contractor to come out and finish the job. I requested a refund of $400 from Jeff, to compensate for the Hardwood he damaged, and he did not respond. In turn he asked me for money for the plumbing connects. He then asked if I wanted money back for the KFC I purchased Saturday for their lunch. I did that as a gesture of good faith, but they obviously do not care. BBB shows an F rating (did not search before booking them) Other websites show the same. Google Jeff Ames and / or Diamond Flooring Kitchener to see. It is obvious I am not the first to have issues with them.
    [read full review]

    by Anthony Abdul posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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