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Mh Computing

Hi there,

at my day job I am a full time technical analyst. I am Microsoft certified and have been repairing PCs for over 10 years.

I offer the following services:

- Windows troubleshooting: Windows won't start, Random Shutdowns, Require Windows Upgrade

- Virus infestation: Spyware popups or other popups, Warning Messages, Random Shutdowns

- Hardware issues: Hard Drive Crash, Hardware not Working, Sound won't Work, Display won't Work

- Data recovery: My system crashed and I can't get my documents or pictures back

- Printer troubleshooting and repair: Epson & HP

- Laptop troubleshooting and Hardware Repair

- Backup Services for both Desktop, Laptop & Server

YES I ALSO REPAIR SERVERS! Give me a call and I will come take a look at the problem.

Please send me an e-mail using the address in the listing, with your phone number and requirements and I will give you a call back. You can also reach me by phone after 4 :00 PM .

We also do website design and development.

Business listed since Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Kitchener, On, N2N 3N1

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Hemanth 519.404.4765

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